We took a break from rehearsal today to discuss an important challenge that we deal with every day:  the negative portrayal of black youth.  So where does this portrayal come from and how can we overcome it?  This weekend we brought in an expert on the subject, who we all know as Baba Ben.  His

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Everybody involved in Taratibu Youth Association came together for our second Leadership Retreat at the Hilton hotel in Alexandria, Virginia.  The theme of this year’s retreat was engage, encourage, and empower.  The retreat opened on Friday, March 30 and closed on Sunday, April 1, 2012. Throughout the retreat we participated in learning sessions about leadership. 

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Support our tour of South Africa!

Monday, 02 April 2012 by

Taratibu Youth Association is seeking donations and sponsorships to support its 2013 educational and performing tour of South Africa.  Known for rhythmically powerful performances of the South African “gumboot” dance, Taratibu Youth Association will visit some of South Africa’s most renowned historical and cultural sites in Johannesburg and Cape Town, exchange experiences with students at

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Children in African orphanages are in desperate need of donations of all kinds.  So before our trip to Ghana in 2010, we collected children’s books and school supplies and brought them to the most amazing kids at the Children’s Village at Asiakwa, about 2 hours northeast of the Capital, Accra.   We were so  inspired by

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We stopped by the VOICE OF AMERICA studios on C Street for an interview that aired live on IN FOCUS, the daily 30-minute program that brings information to viewers across Africa. Check out some of these behind the scenes photos. The experience was amazing and we are so incredibly grateful to our gracious hosts, Ndimyake

Performance Review

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by Lisa McFarren-Polgar on February 22, 2012 With every step, every movement of the hips, every turn of the hands and twist of the head, the Taratibu Youth Association’s performing dance company gave expression to the vast experiences of the progeny of the African Diaspora, from South Africa, East and West Africa and the Americas. The young performers’

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