Taratibu Youth Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your support is critically important to maintaining our programs that benefit young people and communities.


Since the fall of 2007, the Performing Arts Program has provided performing arts instruction for more than a hundred young people in Washington, DC and the surrounding area. Instruction includes dance, vocal performance, acting, musical theater, stage presence, and audition techniques, to name a few. Taratibu Youth Association's Performing Arts Program also offers performance opportunities throughout the year and culminating in a presentation of Taratibu Youth Association's annual performance commemorating Black History Month in February. Taratibu Youth Association's Performing Arts Program is for girls and boys from 12 to 18 years old who must audition though no previous performance experience is necessary. Learn More.


Through our Community Outreach Program, Taratibu Youth Association encourages participants to explore the culture and history of Africa while raising awareness of issues that matter to young people. Taratibu Youth Association offers a variety of unique and educational programs during visits to the community and these can be tailored to the age, skill level and interests of the participants. Classes, workshops, and performances can be custom-designed for K-12 schools, universities, community centers, museums, galleries, places of worship, and workplaces. Since the inception of our Community Outreach Program in 2007, we have served nearly 250 communities and venues. Learn More.


Taratibu Youth Association offers throughout the year educational experiences with the arts and history of Africa and the Caribbean. Annually Taratibu Youth Association goes on a 2-week intensive experience in African and Caribbean cultures. Here at home youth involved in this unique program will be introduced to various topics in African and Caribbean traditional and popular culture, philosophy, and performing arts throughout the Washington, DC area, including field trips, tours, workshops, participation in local celebrations and festivals, visits to historic sites, museums, and cultural and art centers.  Youth also perform and study various African and Caribbean artistic mediums such as music, dance, theater and visual arts through interaction with families and organizations while traveling in Africa and the Caribbean. Youth meet with indigenous artists such as drummers, dancers, and craftsmen to further cultural immersion opportunities. Learn More.