Behavior Health and Wellness and Leadership Program

The Behavior Health and Wellness and Leadership program started in TYA in 2010.

The program offers an annual retreat and monthly wellness sessions giving our young people opportunity to examine female images in social media and hip hop culture, tools for emotional development, developing positive self-esteem, and positive self-images; sessions on anger management, using their support system,  navigating peer pressure, tools for managing depression and as well as leadership exercises and tasks.


All of Taratibu Youth Association staff members are Mental Health First Aid certified.  They are trained to identify youth/persons in crisis, assess potential harm and make appropriate referrals to behavioral health agencies for support and assistance.

The retreat and monthly wellness sessions are developed and conducted by mental health professionals and a licensed clinical psychologist in youth and adolescent development.  The annual retreat has grown to include a Parent Cafe, for parents to re-examine their childhood and their relationship with their child; a mother -daughter connecting and healing sessions, and staff development.

"We believe the arts come from the soul and providing the young people with tools to expand their capacity of living as a healthy human being allows their artistic expressions to manifest not only on stage but in their lives."

- Arla Scott, Director